Lean & Six sigma


Lean is a seamless process, which eliminating the non-value added (NVA) delay, waste, and rework from your existing process. Lean can be used in any industry or business.It can be used to streamline and accelerate process flow of any industry. Our experts help organization to enable lean process and train the people in the process.

"Lean Six Sigma focuses on results, not training"

Lean Six Sigma helps rapid application development, its strong aggressive method forspeed process, quality and minimal cost. Merely Process matureIT organization shall adopt / implemented properly, Lean Six Sigma focuses on results, not training. Instead of measuring errors in percentages, you measure them in parts per million (PPM).

The industrial sector has been applying Lean Management and Six Sigma for decades. Most newly implemented 2 sigma processes for software applications development result error rates of 20-30% (300,000 PPM-2 sigma). Over time, these business processes get to error rates of around 3% (30,000PPM-3.5 sigma).

Process/ Model Error Rates
Water Fall or Agile ; (4Bugs/KLOC) 50-70 %
; (99.99) ; (300,000 PPM) 20-30 %
3.5σ; (99.994) ; (30,000 PPM) 3 %
  • KLOC (Per 1000 line of code )
  • PPM (Parts Per Million)
  • σ - Sigma

For many service organizations these methods are much more of a novelty.For IT industry we recommend 2 sigma (99.99) for cost effective quality delivery.